Top 5 Reasons to Roast Your Own Coffee Beans

Most of my life I would just drink coffee that was,”bold and bitter.” I never questioned, I just did. I didn’t know there were other options in my early 20’s.

Now, I have been drinking fresh roasted coffee for about 3 years and roasting my own a little over a year and let me tell you, it’s awesome. It’s given me more of an appreciation for what coffee can and should taste like. Since I would think a lot of the people purchase pre-ground, I wanted to share with you some different options for your morning cup of joe. Now as a warning, this will takes some practice, but I promise you nothing will ever taste better than fresh roasted coffee that you made. Here are those top five reasons:

Simple and quick

Roasting your coffee might appear to be overwhelming, but you can roast a batch of coffee in under 7 minutes.

You can choose to roast your coffee lighter which is called  a city roast. City roast coffees have what’s called a “brightness” to it, meaning it has acidity to it, which these days in sought after in a good cup of coffee. If you like things darker? No problem. Roasting your own specialty coffee to a darker roast such as, full city+ would be good for those coffees with the chocolate or sweetness tones. The caramelization of the beans can produce a great cup you could try your darker roasts for espresso.

Freshness galore!

Roasted coffee for the most part is optimal at about 3-7 days after roasting and still quite good up until about three weeks post roast. After that, you get this stale cup that lacks flavor and dimension you wold expect out of coffee. When comparing this to your supermarket coffee how long do you think it has been on the shelf before you brewed it? Chances are over 6 months and I’m certain some coffees are over a year old (Nasty).

As a home roaster, you eliminate this issue of stale coffee by roasting the raw green coffee beans whenever you are in need of coffee. Just make sure to give your coffee at little rest after roasting (about 2-3 days). So plan a little bit in advance.

Also, when buying green coffee beans you can store this for at least 6 months in a cool, dark place to keep for optimal freshness and roast when you want.

One strategy when roasting is to roast about a half a pound of coffee at a time. Gauge how much of that you drink in a week and plan accordingly for the next week. By doing this, you can guarantee that your coffee will be crisp and fresh as could be expected before you drink it.

Not costly

One of the number one reasons most people write off specialty coffee is the cost and I totally get that. There is investment in the beginning to get the right equipment, but if you can muster up 40 dollars to start roasting on a whirley pop, you can try it out and see if you like it.

One you start roasting your own, your coffee cost goes down significantly. Here is my price breakdown per brew, pardon me as I math here:

Green Coffee Purchase: 4.25/pound

Now, once I have roasted my pound of green coffee, I will lose roughy 20% moisture in the process leaving me with 12-13 oz. of fresh roasted coffee. So, for this example, let’s use 12 oz.

12 oz= 340 grams of fresh roasted coffee

I use 26 grams per brew which gives me about 12-13 oz. of coffee at a time.


I divided the total roasted coffee weight (340 grams) by 26 (the number of grams I use per brew) to get 13. Which means I can brew this coffee 13 times without running out.

Now divide  4.25 ( What I originally paid for the pound of green coffee) by 13 and we get .33/brew

So, it only costs me .33 per brew anytime I want a great cup of coffee. I don’t know about ya’ll, but better coffee is worth .33 to me.


Ah, my favorite section of this whole article, TASTE!

Roasting your own coffee is going to be leaps and bounds better tasting than anything you cold possible by in the store. Why you ask? One simple reason.Control. By really diving into the roasting process you can control whether you get a light or dark roast. You can work on different what’s called,”roasting profiles” to try and get the coffee to reach its full potential (or to taste like you want it to.) The truth is this is the most important section of this article because it’s all up to you. It is completely up to you what it tastes like.

I challenge you to send me questions photos or videos of you roasting and I will help any way I can, or if you just want to show it off!


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Beginning in 2014, Dan Conner embarked on the adventure of tasting, brewing and roasting specialty cof-fee that has since been changing the coffee industry world wide. Coffee Clan is still in infancy stages but offers many services to coffee lovers of all expertise levels. Our goal is to inform, educate and broaden views of coffee drinkers world-wide. The specialty coffee movement will change the way coffee tastes, how it’s brewed and roasted, who is creating the experience and most importantly, how farmers are growing the coffee bean which is where the entire coffee experience begins.

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