Our Mission

Change the way you drink coffee.Forever.

Our Story

For most of my life when I ever ordered coffee anywhere I would always dump so many additives into it to flavor it, it would end up tasting like a super sweet dessert…. and that was acceptable. I never questioned how it was brewed, what kind of beans were used. I would only ask,” What kind of flavors do you have?”

One day I went to meet up with a friend of mine at a new local coffee shop. They served all sorts of things I never heard of,” Chemex, pourover, Ethiopian coffee… I was intrigued by the offerings and my friend says,” try a pourover, it will change your life.”

Being a good friend, I oblige. I receive my coffee and take the first sip and it was like a new door was open to me. A brand new world of new tastes, flavors, experiences and I was instantly hooked. The fruitiness of the coffee was unbelievable and with no awful burnt after taste it was an experience I would never forget.

Our goal here at The Coffee Clan is to share our passion for great coffee and show you what great coffee SHOULD taste like.