Making a pour over iced coffee

Alright, you started making pourovers, but one problem…. it’s freaking hot outside and you want a cold coffee. Using this method, you can keep alot of the brightness of the coffee instead of the alternative, cold-brew method. Here, use this to make an awesome,one-of-a-kind iced pourover coffee. Your body will thank you.

Equipments and ingredients:
Kitchen scale (Digital)
Grinder (A burr grinder is best)
Water (Filtered tastes the best)
Fresh roasted quality whole coffee beans
Paper filter
Pour-over vessel
The method:
1 Heat your water, exactly make it fully boiled.
2 Break out your freshly roasted whole coffee bean and grind it for that super delicious and fresh flavor.
3 Measure around 17 grams of beans with the help of digital kitchen scale. *Once you’ve tried this, you can change this amount depending on how strong you like your coffee.
4 Toss a filter paper in your pour-over vessel. You could use a glass Chemex vessel also and Chemex brand filters for better quality.
5 Once the water goes the boiling point, rinse the filter paper with hot water.
6 Grind your beans on the somewhat finer side. You need the entire pour-over procedure to last around 2:30-3:00 minutes altogether, and the grind is 1 component to this (the pour is the other)
7 Pour your freshly ground coffee in. Shake vigorously to even it out in the vessel
8 Load your glass with ice up to the top. Take your scale to zero. As we pour, we are going to calculate the quantity of water being added with the scale to 175 grams.
9 Taking your water off a boil uniformly pre-wet the grounds with 40 grams of water and hold up for around 30 seconds. The CO2 from the beans goes away and you get an all the even more extraction.
10 Gradually pour the remaining water in utilizing little additions, being careful is must so that you do not add a lot. Go for an approximately 2:30-3:00 moment process.
11 Stop as soon as you have added around 175 grams of water. Sit tight for all the water to drip through it. The ice melt and added water mix together.
12 Taste! You will be stunned at how delightful this is. The ice basically locks in the coffees flavor when it chills it. Sorry if I’ve spoiled all other iced coffees you!


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Beginning in 2014, Dan Conner embarked on the adventure of tasting, brewing and roasting specialty cof-fee that has since been changing the coffee industry world wide. Coffee Clan is still in infancy stages but offers many services to coffee lovers of all expertise levels. Our goal is to inform, educate and broaden views of coffee drinkers world-wide. The specialty coffee movement will change the way coffee tastes, how it’s brewed and roasted, who is creating the experience and most importantly, how farmers are growing the coffee bean which is where the entire coffee experience begins.

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