Colombia La Miranda: a Heart Coffee Review

Ok, so here goes My first coffee review here. (Breathe.) Now, I want to point out my palette might not be as refined as others who have been doing this longer, but I feel I can still do a pretty good job. I also won’t be reviewing them as the normal “standard” reviews which would normally include a lot more areas.If you are wondering how I design my coffee reviews, go here and it will explain for my reasoning why I review coffees this way. Anyways, let’s go ahead and get to it.

Some coffee background knowledge

Country of Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Altitude grown at: 1650m (That’s 5413.386 feet!)

Flavor Profile: Fudge, Black Cherry, Caramel

Varietal: Caturra

Why do I include all this?

I believe  this sets the stage for what your coffee should taste like and give a general guide to the flavor.

Brewing Process

First things first, lets go through how I made the coffee I am reviewing:

I brewed this coffee in my Hario V60 at a 16:1 ratio the first time and 14:1 my second time(I’ll explain why in a minute) also at a medium-fine grind for 3:30 roughly.

The Smell

From a whole bean standpoint, I found no visual defects such as scorching (burning of the bean causing bitterness) from the coffee that could effect the brew. Once I ground the coffee there was a aroma like-sweetness that came to mind; something simliar to a baking cocoa. That chocolate like sweetness in the coffee made me uber excited  for what this cup was going to taste like.

The Taste

I was excited to see how well the bags description of flavors matched up to my own and what we really stood out to me was the overwhelming fudge notes of this coffee. I mean it was like eating some fudge, but without all the excess sugars and fats. Next came the black cherry tones through the back of my palette. The goal whenever trying to evaluate coffee is always to get it to cover your whole pallete. This will help really pick up some of those more subtle notes.
For those beginners here, take a look at the SCAA flavor wheel to help come up with some flavors you found in the coffee.One of the last notes I had a hard time finding was the caramel notes. So I made a second brew art a slightly lower ratio (14:1) and I was able to find those subtle caramel notes that to me, were kind of masked but the fudge, but nevertheless delicious.

The black cherry tones coupled with the fudge were like eating a delicious chocolate covered cherry. So fruity and bright with a delicacy that is comparable to other Colombia coffees. The flavors were a nice surprise at the level of accuracy it took to roast that coffee in order to keep those flavors found naturally of the bean.

The Experience

Heart Coffee is a micro roaster that’s growing everyday that has a strong commitment to quality in every cup. I find this to be what I really appreciate. To me, it’s not just this coffee, but all of Hearts coffee has a back story. They have personal relationships with most of the farmers that buy their coffee from. It shows their dedication to a quality cup which I truly appreciate. I hope to review many more heart coffees in the future. Let me know what you though of this in the comments below.


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