Coffee Reviews

Coffee Reviews Here at the Coffee Clan


I feel like for my first post, I want to point why and how I am doing coffee reviews. I am not going to go through an SCAA strict protocol on every single thing about every cup…. That’s just not the goal for these reviews. The goals for these reviews are to get people excited about experimenting with coffee.

I want to bring as many new people to coffee as I possibly can and I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed by it. So you are probably thinking how am I going to talk about coffee? To put it simply is just on flavor and aroma.

I want to focus on these because it is all part of the experience and I don’t want to over complicate things. One thing I will mention in every coffee review post is how I cupped the coffee in case anyone wants to replicate my cupping to see if they get the same results. Obviously, this can still result in skewed results, but frankly… who cares! Everyone’s own experiences, what they ate that day are all going to play a role in what that coffee tastes like to them and that is great! Enjoying coffee is literally my favorite thing to do. I drink it at home, I go to my local coffee shop and talk with the baristas about cupping. I am always looking for more interpretations of coffee to expand to increase the experience of it as well.

These reviews will focus on three main factors: flavor, smell and experience.


Describing coffee can seem daunting when first starting out, so I will be providing some materials to help with this. I am currently making some videos for our YouTube channel that will go through how we will be describing coffee. I will also be providing a link to the new SCAA flavor wheel. This “wheel” is a list of pretty much all the possible flavors you might experience in one of the coffees. I believe this is a great learning tool and can help guide people new to coffee and help them understand flavor profiles within their cup.


We will be smelling the freshly ground coffee for its aroma and as well throughout the drinking process. I am currently putting together a list of words you could use to describe the aroma of your coffee. I will put out as a PDF for people to use to help guide them through the aroma they are experiencing.


How well you liked the coffee is the most important part!I want you to share it on our Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat anything else you want to let us know your thought on a coffee we reviewed.

I also plan on giving background on some of the roasters I sample coffee from. Part of my journey through coffee is learning everything we can about where it came from. I want to know as much as possible from what farmer grew the coffee, what country, what elevation all the way to how it was roasted. This increases (for me at least), the experience and a much higher appreciation for this caffeinated seed.

I hope to see you join in on the conversation!